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Net Worth Emiway Bantai | Age, Life Style, Song and Real Name !

Net Worth Emiway Bantai

Net Worth Emiway Bantai : No needs introduction in the Indian hip-hop scene. With his unique style, powerful lyrics and unmatched swag, he has taken the music industry by storm. From being an underground rapper to becoming one of India’s most popular artists with millions of fans worldwide, Emiway’s journey is nothing short of inspiring. Today we will delve into Emiway Bantai’s net worth, age, lifestyle, songs and real name to get a closer look at this phenomenal artist who has made it big on his own terms!

Net Worth Emiway Bantai

Emiway Bantai has become one of India’s most successful and popular rappers, but what is his net worth? According to various sources, Emiway Bantai’s net worth is estimated at around $1.5 million as of 2021.

The majority of Emiway’s earnings come from his songs on YouTube, where he has amassed over 12 million subscribers and billions of views. He also earns from brand endorsements and live concerts.

Despite being a self-made artist who started off with nothing, Emiway has managed to build an empire for himself in the music industry. His hard work and dedication have paid off well as he continues to dominate the Indian hip-hop scene.

With such a skyrocketing net worth, it’s no surprise that Emiway Bantai has gained immense popularity among youngsters who aspire to follow their passion like him!

Age, Life Style, Song and Real Name !

Emiway Bantai, a popular Indian rapper and songwriter, has taken the nation by storm with his unique style of music. He was born on November 13th, 1995 in Bengaluru and is currently 26 years old. Today he stands as one of the most successful independent artists in India.

His real name is Bilal Sheikh and he adopted the stage name Emiway Bantai for his musical career. The word “Emiway” comes from his first email address which included his initials “M.

W.” pronounced as Emi.

When it comes to lifestyle, Emiway is known for being a trendsetter among young fans in terms of fashion and attitude. He often sports unique hairstyles along with vibrant clothing that complements his lively personality.

Not only does Emiway have an impeccable sense of style but also an incredible talent when it comes to music production. His songs are known for their catchy beats and meaningful lyrics that connect with millions of listeners across generations.

Emiway’s age may be young but he has already made a remarkable impact on the Indian music scene through his distinctive sound, energetic performances, and iconic image as a rap artist who breaks stereotypes while staying true to himself.


To sum it up, Emiway Bantai has come a long way in the Indian rap scene and is still going strong. His unique style, relatable lyrics, and hard-hitting beats have made him one of the most popular rappers in India. With his increasing popularity, it’s no surprise that he has amassed a significant net worth over the years.

Despite facing some controversies and criticisms along the way, Emiway Bantai continues to create music that resonates with his audience. He remains an inspiration to many aspiring artists who dream of making it big in the industry.

Whether you’re a fan or not, there’s no denying that Emiway Bantai has left his mark on Indian music culture with his raw talent and dedication to his craft. It’ll be interesting to see what he comes up with next as he continues on this journey towards even greater success!


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